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  Hsieh  Min-Nan

Hsieh Min-Nan


Chinese Taip

Date of Birth

09 August 1940


Taipei, Chinese Taipei

Current Tour

Taiwan PGA

Asian Senior Masters Status


Player Profile

Hsieh Min-Nan is a legend in Asian golf circles having won over 50 titles including both the Individual and team trophy at the 1972 World Cup. Many of those victories were on the tough Japan circuit although Min-Nan also managed to win the prestigious Asian PGA Tour Order of Merit on 3 occasions. Min-Nan is also the first professional to win 3 consecutive professional golf tournaments while leading all four days at each event.

Career Victories
1968 Japan Kanto Open
1969 Japan Kyushu BS Series
1971 Asian Circuit Order of Merit Winner
1972 Thailand Open, Japan Sobu Kokusai Open, Japan Bridgestone Open, World Cup (Individual) & World Cup (Team)
1973 ROC PGA Championship
1974 Japan Okinawa TV Cup & Tamsui Open
1975 Asian Circuit Order of Merit Winner & Japan Kanto PGA Championship
1976 Tochgi Open
1977 Hong Kong Open, ROC Open & Asian Circuit Order of Merit Winner
1978 Japan Shizuoka Open & Japan Hokuliku Pro-Am International Championship
1979 Japan PGA Championship
1980 Philippine Open & Japan Sapporo Open 1981 Japan KBC Open
1982 Philippine Open, Japan Tokai Classic, Golf Digest Cup Open & Japan Bridgestone Open
1983 ROC PGA Championship & Kaohsiung Open
1984 Japan Ho-Oh Open
1985 Japan Bridgestone Aso Open & Japan NST Nigata Open
1986 Japan Remington Pro-Am International Championship
1988 Tamsui Open
1990 Japan Ashitaka Senior Open
1991 Japan Maruman Open
1992 Japan Ho-Oh Senior Open & Mercuries Cup Masters
1993 Japan Tokyu Senior Cup, Japan Ryokuei Group Cup Senior & Japan Daiichi Semmei Cup Senior
1994 Japan Ruokuei Group Cup Senior & Kaohsiung Open
1995 Japan HTB Senior Open, Ta Shee Senior Open & 19th Kou Shung Open
1996 Ta Shee Senior Open
1999 The 2nd Kuo-Hua Match Play &Japan Senior Open
2002 Kanto Senior Open

Played in the 2003 & 2006 Asian Senior Masters Singapore and the 2005 & 2006 Asian Senior Masters Malaysia.

Photos from 2006 ASM Malaysia

Photos from 2006 ASM Phuket

Photos from 2005 ASM Malaysia

Photos from 2003 ASM Singapore

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