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Evaluation of a New Arsenic Adsorbing Resin (WASP)

26 May 2005

OSES - Oil Sludge Ecological Solutions Pte Ltd and
ERE - Ecologically Responsible Engineering Pte Ltd

We specialise in various waste water treatment technologies.

Water treatment applications include, treating potable / drinking water, brewery, textile, effluents, industrial waste water from both from manufacturing processes and the oil and gas industry.

Please do take a moment to view some of the information below:

For more information please contact:
Chuan Campbell
65 - 6262 4843 or via email

OSESís Dissolved Organicís, Chemicalís Treatment and Reduction Technology (DOCTAR) technology, for incorporation in Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWT) plants to address oily waste water streams

Water Arsenic Introduction from OSES

Water Arsenic Solutions Purification (WASP) technology from OSES

Evaluation of a New Arsenic Adsorbing Resin (WASP)

Dr. Robert Stanforth, Ng Aik Teng and Woo Su-Fang
National University of Singapore
July 2002

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